today so far is pretty lame.

1. it’s cold and there is a crack in the glass in my window and i don’t know if it’s been there the whole time i’ve lived here or what. it’s obnoxious. probably something should be done. i just don’t feel like having that conversation.

2. i don’t feel like having any conversations.

3. i mean, what is with people?

4. my computer is acting like a baby. itunes just decided to ignore ALL of the songs on my external hard drive and nothing i can do is fixing the problem.

5. not that there is much i can do.

6. the oscar nominations from yesterday are, as usual, a complete joke. juno is not a good movie america. deal with it.

7. i’m serious about this juno thing. how could you in good conscience nominate such a ridiculous derivative piece of crap?

8. you know what should win an oscar this year? rushmore. retroactively.

9. i got a rejection letter yesterday and for some reason it made me feel a little bit down.

10. it was a rejection letter after all.

11. and heath ledger died yesterday, which is still a really stupid thing to have happen. pick someone else, random stupid hollywood death.

12. and eddie vedder wasn’t nominated for an oscar for his awesome into the wild music. and 3:10 to yuma, best movie of the year, wasn’t nominated either. neither was margot at the wedding, for ANYTHING.

13. maybe the academy is just a bunch of idiots.

14. just kidding, they are for sure.

15. i’m going to see the shaky hands tonight, this portland band that is getting super huge, whose drummer used to work with me at laughing planet, but i couldn’t get a single person to come with me. well maybe i could have if i’d asked different people.

16. i’m kind of a jerk sometimes.

17. i rented the new david wain movie the ten and it wasn’t that good. i mean, it was funny-ish. but no wet hot american summer.

18. even cutting off my muumuu and creating this fabulous outfit hasn’t really made me any happier:

you’re right, i look amazing. the fanny pack is essential. feel free to copy my hot look any time. okay i’m going to go play chain factor and cry into my keyboard. some days that’s just how i roll. i plan to start writing more interesting things like next week. stay tuned. i promise.