oh swallow

i bought a paper for the special bart price of $.25 today and read this article [edit:i just remembered that this dude called ru-486 the “morning after pill” in his list, which is wrong and stupid and i know that; otherwise, it is entertaining to me, okay stupid, but entertaining.] on the way to school. i like that something like this appears in my local paper. (i want you to know i just spent twenty minutes searching through what i could find online of both the corvallis gazette-times and the peninsula daily news, looking for some appropriately stupid column or letter to the editor as a comparison but i couldn’t find anything special. where are the citizens fed up with the songs coming from the ice cream bicycle when you need them? where are the global warming deniers? because i remember when they were exhorting the population of port angeles to “just step outside” if they still believed in global warming last winter. i remember their sad plea for a corvallis city ordinance against “do your ears hang low” the summer before i moved away.)

today i was only in book arts for like an hour. but i already have what might be called in some circles an insanely brilliant idea. here is a clue:

it’s raining outside like crazy. i love it. tomorrow at this time i may look like a completely different person. it’s going to be awesome.