it's getting better

“drink until your hair looks good.” jessie, 1.27.2008 (day five of life without heath ledger, a continuing melodrama in which the world loses it’s meaning and god cries every day.)

this is me post-haircut, trying to find some sort of outfit that distracted from the whacked-out crack fest, hipster/sorority girl mistake covering my skull:

this is the picture that made me realize i could not leave the house like this, the last remaining picture of these magical earrings:

not pictured: dinner party where the main conversation involved what comes out of your body after a colon cleanse. house warming party where the main event was pitchers of delicious brandy side cars. my dance moves. everyone’s dance moves. wowing the living room by putting on lise loeb’s “stay” from the reality bites soundtrack. leaving my earrings on top of a speaker.

this is my haircut this morning:

this is basically how i appear at all times, possibly why an undercover cop stopped me this morning at 22nd and shotwell , showed me his badge, and asked me if i knew where the transients hang out:

this is the current situation, or was until clare marie sadly left us to go mold young minds:

i think maybe i just semi-copied becca. have i mention recently how i read becca every day and consider her one of the coolest internet friends around? because i do and i do. she might actually be me in an alternate universe. i haven’t completely ruled out that possibility. and you should vote for her blog to win best kept secret because then it won’t be a secret any more.