super super tuesday

1. i voted today and i went with clinton and i know everyone will think i am therefore aligning myself with the man but i did it because none of you, including you obama, did a good enough job of convincing me why obama was better and i’ve thought hillary was straight brilliant since i saw her a couple years back on the daily show. and i think it is fucking awesome that a woman could possibly be president and the shit that she has been getting is hypocritical and sexist and irritates me so much that i might have voted for her even if i didn’t like her. so.

2. i think my new fiction class might think i am a serial killer. in my presentation to the class about myself i showed them one of my dead stuffed animals and this weird picture of a strange little naked black man and played “no children” by the mountain goats and then at the end said, “don’t worry i don’t hurt PEOPLE.” you know who says shit like that? people who hurt people.

3. i also read them part of emerson’s “american scholar” essay/address whatever. it was a strange presentation. not exactly coherent or cohesive.

4. i ate dinner at ike’s on the way home which is the best place in all of san francisco. i’ve probably mentioned that before.

5. funny/sexy/sad is on thursday! holy shit. a girl in my fiction class that i barely know announced it today, saying the wordsmith guild was supporting it. she didn’t even know i was involved. you know what i should go into? advertising.

6. i feel demon possessed. i think i am going to eat the rest of my sandwich.