one two three

i bought a shirt today that is sort of ugly. well it looked cool until i put it on after swimming and i noticed no actually it is ugly and that is why it was on sale. that is the problem with days off: i spend money.

i saw 4 months 3 weeks 2 days this afternoon. it was very good. things happen and you just experience them somehow. see it. or don’t if you don’t want to think about things like fucked up regimes taking womens’ bodies away from them. instead vote for john mccain.

dude, i’m kidding. please don’t vote for john mccain.

i was so out of it today that i got on the wrong train and took it for like five stops in the wrong direction.

i wish i had a crimping iron for my reading tomorrow. i think i would look much cooler if my hair was crimped. i wonder how many people will come. i hope a lot of people will come.

i still haven’t finished monster’s ball for some reason. i know the reason. it’s very upsetting.

man, i’m tired. i don’t have any excuse for it. my room is a disaster. i’m going to bed.

oh one last thing: stay away from the gauntlet 3 on mtv if you know what’s good for you. i can’t stop myself. the triumphant return of zach mann, lewis & clarks second most successful graduate, holds my attention for embarrassingly long amounts of time. he’s so cute! the whole thing is so tragic! once maybe promising young people tricked into believing they are famous are forced to humiliate themselves for money and useless gadgets so they can pay their rent!

oh america. let’s get married or at least run away together.