drink to die

funny/sexy/sad it turns out was totally amazingly awesome. all kinds of people i’ve never seen before showed up. the whole coffee shop was crammed with people who came to see us! who were these people? i don’t know! i mean, the friends i have in san francisco were all either, a) reading with me, b) in class or c) who knows? moved away or something. i think of the whole audience two of the people were my friends. which was crazy and great. everyone was funny or sexy or sad and most people were at least two of those things, if not all three of them. i was pretty nervous. beyond normal reading nervous because this is like half my thing and so if it some how failed, i couldn’t exactly blame anyone else. but it didn’t suck! it so didn’t suck! here are some highlights: amira’s cousin’s face while she read a freaking awesome sex scene. the guys playing magic in the middle of the cafe perfectly placed for a line in my story when the narrator tells her friends, “you know only losers and third graders play magic, right?” the extreme use of the f word. all over the place. i think adam was the only one who didn’t deploy it, but his story was about growing up jewish in a gentile community so he is excused. jim nelson living about to the genius label i gave him on the reading poster with a sex scene that was not only funny and sad but strangely really hot. clare marie reading a story with both cancer and cocaine. yes it was amazing and we’re planning on doing it again so if you think you are funny enough or sad enough or sexy enough to read with us, email us (funnysexysad@gmail.com)!

here are some pictures. none of me unless you count my feet, as i was in charge of the camera:


clare marie!


jim! (and on the right the guy who took all the pictures besides this one.)