near the souvenir stand by the old abandoned factory

yesterday and today have been the most beautiful days since roughly the beginning of time.

i mean give me a break. the temperature is in the high sixties and the sky is completely blue.

yesterday i did various amounts of reading, writing, gossiping, and drinking (hot chocolate, tea, beer, whiskey, in that order) in different establishments throughout the mission. it was pretty satisfactory. i sat for awhile with my friend roop in dolores park and read and listened to some dude spin house music and watched all the fabulously attractive mission-types get drunk and talk about their bikes.

today i decided it was time to suck it up and return to what used to be my most favorite activity: riding to tiburon.

and i did it! and it was great! no car crashes! no falling even with my clip-less pedals! and i found a place to eat that isn’t CRAZY expensive and that has sandwiches to go. and some bike dudes sat on the bench next to me while i ate and told me all about how i could ride/take a shuttle to muir woods and stinson beach. it sounds like an exciting adventure. maybe next weekend if the weather stays nice.

and then, as i was waiting to get on the ferry to go home, i saw this woman walk off. i immediately recognized her as someone i knew some how but couldn’t come up with any specifics other than i thought probably through my mom. before i really could formulate any coherent thoughts on the subject, i walked up to her and said, “excuse me, i think you know me.” it was weird but the second i told her my name she knew who i was. it was a woman who my mom knows from wisconsin, where we lived until i was five. in fact the last time i had seen her and her family was then, when i was five. but my mom delivered her son and she and my mom used to go on bike trips together so i have seen approximately one million pictures of her. it was cool. i ended up staying and talking with her and her husband and their friends for an hour or so.

i was thinking on my way home about how these strange coincidences happen to me all the time. but maybe they happen to everyone. people just need to pay better attention. here is a picture of us. and yes, you can borrow the outfit if you want: