sometimes i am glad i am in san francisco where i don’t have enablers around every corner, waiting with the car running, in case i need to be picked up at some street corner, late at night, without a bus pass, crying my face off just because it’s february.

for one thing, february here is quite a nice month.

and for another i think it’s time i got over this melodrama that has been living with me my whole life. or at least get over it a little. like tonight this girl who’s been driving me home ended up not being able to drive me home and so at 9:30 pm i realized the burrito, the image of a burrito with carne asada and no tomato, which had been floating over my head all day wasn’t going to materialize. it’s a sad fact that el metate closes at 10. and no matter how you slice it, it takes at least 45 minutes to get home from state on public transportation. after 9 it is almost always closer to an hour.

when i realized this, i almost started crying. and then at the daly city bart stop, when the next train wasn’t expected for 10 minutes, tears actually WELLED UP in my eyes.

hey ps, one of my good friends has leukemia.

anyway, i didn’t really go grocery shopping this weekend and i used my small amount of cash to take me home from daly city (because i thought, ha ha ha, it would be faster) and the only place in the mission that takes debit cards and is open after 10 is macdonalds. i don’t want to talk about it. the fries were old.

anyway, of course the tragedy of not accepting debit is one of the few but serious problems with san francisco. others: gang violence, double parking and postal carriers in street clothes. I CANNOT HANDLE POSTAL CARRIERS IN STREET CLOTHES.

the weather however is fabulous and now i am going to sleep. i discovered my brother has a blog the other day by the way. he’s pretty sweet. today i told my class (the one i ta for) that my brother was like my internet but better because i can call him and ask him about who played what or did something and before i am 3 words into the question he knows the answer. he has other good qualities too. goodnight.