my machine

i spent a lot of time today with the ghost rider (my bike). first i carried it part of the way to pedal revolution, the bike shop nearest my house which is awesome by the way, full of good deals and friendly mechanics, to get this persistent flat tire i’ve been unable to fix dealt with. part way there, a man driving a small school bus picked me up and gave me a lift. this is true. it was difficult to get my bike inside and all the seats had seat belts. it was very cool.

then i rode against the wind to tiburon, making it in one hour and fifty-five minutes, just in time to get on the 12:40 ferry back.

on the way home i stopped at whiz burger. that is how i do it. clare marie joined me for some fries.

then i came home just long enough to finish an episode of firefly and shower before riding off to meet my favorite grad school teacher for gossip and story discussion. he encouraged me to embrace the cliches of a strip club. i love him.

then home again. enough time to watch zach mann get kicked off the gauntlet 3 on the internet (big mistake mtv, i was only watching for zach, a fellow pioneer of the class of 2005 and a person far too normal for reality television) before riding over to amira’s for a little valentine’s day dinner and whiskey and state of the union.

now i am home. i have a ride to school tomorrow. who cares about valentine’s day?