vroom (quietly)

notes on today with the hope that i will one day again have enough energy to write full blog posts about things:

first ever time using zipcar. car i was supposed to take was gone. upgraded to sweet red prius. good customer service. i would say join zipcar stat my friends.

drove to sonoma to see my uncle. it was beautiful there as soon as the fog cleared up. looked at/petted cats. ate delicious lunch (i ordered a bbq pork sandwich which i am pretty sure i have never done ever before in my life). went to jack london park. rangers had guns. totally left my camera in the car. i want to go back.

uncle’s partner gave me a serious juicer she didn’t want anymore.

attempted to read in sonoma coffee shop but mainly tried to figure out why my craigstlist ad isn’t showing up.

drove back to sf in the dark. tried to find man selling bags of oranges in intersections but no luck. got lost in sf. finally made it to whole foods. bought a lot of food.

drove home. dropped off groceries etc. roommate was super stoked for juicer. dropped off sweet prius (nickname pocahontas). took a cab home because i was too hungry to wait for a bus.

made dinner (chicken and kale with ginger, garlic and basil). could have used more soy sauce. managed to break cat’s food bowl into many pieces (still curious what cat needs a ceramic food bowl and a GLASS glass as table wear). ate. made delicious orange juice with the new juicer.

washed a lot of dishes.

now i’m here, at my desk, on my computer. the cursor has disappeared and spell check doesn’t work. also. i’m tired.