today amira and i rode to tiburon. there are pictures on my camera but i am in bed so guess what. you don’t get to see them right now.

it was awesome. the sun came out when we got to sausalito and in tiburon we ate at the mexican place on the water. we saw a lot of cranes.

that took up most of the day that wasn’t taken up by getting ready to go to tiburon, showering when i got home, making dinner, cleaning the bathrooms, writing an annotated bibliography entry and finishing firefly. fox should be punished somehow for all the good shows they cancel. okay i guess they are. prison break.

now it is 9:09 and i am writing this from bed which is a new thing for me. i think i will go to sleep in the next ten minutes. why not? i have shit that needs getting done (as they might say in rural america ie port angeles, washington, where certain infinitive forms of verbs after the word “needs” are changed to the present participle) tomorrow morning. you know, a story to rewrite, student work and a chapter on teaching literature to read. there is not enough time for these things. goodnight.