tuesday: worse than monday?

[i stole this picture from amira. this is me blowing tiburon’s mind.]

this morning i woke up early to do homework. specifically to write insightful comments about the consciousness of other student stories. last week i guess my comments didn’t plumb the depths deep enough.

i spent the morning at a coffee shop close-ish to my house, in a good enough mood that i thought it was legit to write that i wanted to punch one of one girl’s characters in the face.

my mood of course worsened when i came home and tried to print some stuff off and learned that for the THIRD TIME SINCE OCTOBER (if not the the fourth) i need a new black cartridge for my printer.

dear hp: i’m on to your little scheme. i hope it hurts you to know that i hate you.

then of course i was late so i emailed my boss to tell her that and didn’t make lunch. instead i grabbed this yogurt i weirdly bought at the store and the tiny bit left of my burrito.

right now i have not eaten dinner yet. i need to pick up the pace.

things continued down hill:

it was raining a lot.
i spilled salsa on myself on muni.
i went to buy the rest of the books for my teaching class (3 small small theory things that my teacher isn’t sure we’ll even like) and a new printer cartridge and ended up spending $125.
they removed the copy machine i was planning on using to copy my story for class and the nearest one was like 4 buildings away.
i went to work.
we had a rainy fire drill.
my yogurt was gross. expectedly. i hate yogurt.
in class i discovered my interpretation of the story with the character i wanted to punch was maybe not really appreciated or shared by anyone.
i thought i would get home faster if i took the bus to daly city and then the bart. i had to wait for the bart for 15 minutes almost.

now i’m home. positive note: i am home listening to my new beirut cd the guy in my class made me. and i am about to make dinner (yes a little late at 8:43 pm) and drink a dead guy. it’s tuesday after all. my first friday of the week. AND i got serenity in the mail. so things are really looking up. tomorrow is wednesday.

the end