the prom queen's caught in the high beams

i’m way behind on scrabulous guys. i’m sorry.

today i almost got a chance to write an article about a 15-year-old johnny cash impersonator doing a show at folsom prison. i was going to drive to the prison. all thanks to my ex-roommate and all-time awesome friend jason, genius journalist and shakespearean metal band leader. it was going to be amazing.

then they had a riot at folsom prison and the concert was canceled.


i’ve been noticing this thing about san francisco which is: people are always talking about the weather, like some sort of cnn news crawl. like i knew it was going to rain today because everywhere i’ve been for the last couple of days people have been saying, “oh it’s going to start raining on thursday and it’s going to be really bad this weekend.” at the gym, the coffee shop, on the bus, in myspace bulletins. i’m not kidding. i bought warm bike clothes on wednesday based on this information, without even checking the internet. and it rained all day. is this what happens in places that aren’t the willamette valley? where rain is an event and people park in the middle of the street? it’s strange, i’m telling you, especially since no one told me about this rain directly. i overheard it so many times i think it somehow became true.

california is a strange land.

i downloaded the new mountain goats today. and live at folsom prison. i wanted to be ready.