swamp creature

clearly this is the most amazing bike you’ve ever seen.

things that are awesome:
1. ghost rider 2 or le fantome qui ecuye deux because you know it is a french bike and i can use a french dictionary poorly.
2. the fact that i built baby ghost rider all by myself by which i mean with the help of many men and women who know a lot more than me.
3. the fact that the seat post from the uk fit.
4. so therefore, ebay.
5. the fact that today all of my favorite bike kitchen guys were there and they rode my new bike and said i was right, it is awesome.
6. or maybe they said “pretty sweet” which means awesome to bike mechanics.
7. the new mountain goats cd.
8. the front wheel of the new french cousin is the old front wheel of the american pride bike i so sadly laid to rest in september.

less awesome things:
1. meeting with my roommates for an hour and a half this morning to discuss issues ranging from mold in the shower to my perceived unfriendliness to cat waste. could have been worse but better, it could have not happened. (unfriendliness, i know.)
2. the fact that the meeting was at 8 am and i didn’t get home last night until 3 am. yes, my fault but now it’s about time to go to bed. you know, 4 pm. or maybe time to go to a movie.

holy shit my new bike is so amazing.