happy birthday joe west junior

tonight i went to my second ever critical mass with amira and clare-marie and a bunch of other people who are also very cool. i like critical mass, okay? it’s nice to be on the streets with people who have a similar mass and acceleration to me. it’s a less terrifying physics equation. plus we ride all over san francisco, or all over downtown anyway, with a police escort. and i NEVER get a police escort. and it’s for something i think, like the idea that things would be safer and the world would be better if everyone was riding bikes. or at least if drivers of cars took bike riders seriously and considered their safety when they were weaving through the streets, going 40 miles an hour just to get to the red light first.

cars are dangerous. i have the everlasting bruise on my right knee to prove it.

so we rode around in a mob and i saw people i knew and also rode by myself and then i finally re-found clare-marie and amira and we took some swigs of our whiskey (warming up, not getting drunk, like a ski trip or something) and then the ride was basically over so we road to dolores park, which was empty, and drank more whiskey and two sort of financial analyst-types were playing golf in the park so i hit their last golf ball into oblivion and they shared our whiskey and were on their way. then i threw a slobbery ball for a dejected looking dog whose owner was on the phone and then we met up with amira’s friend for sushi.

lovely time. and it’s the weekend. plus leap year. so my best friend’s from kindergarten (stanley, where are you stanley?), her older brother is officially 7 years old. congratulations. i used to love that when i was a kid, saying joe was like 2 even though he was older than us and we were 6. oh. the calendar. such s fickle hearted beast. goodnight.