i am this great unstable mass of blood and foam

in case you are looking for an affordable room in san francisco, i found this posting on craigslist today, only $650 a month and a backyard view(!)(?):

“the room is approximately 10 x 12-my girlfriend and i are using it as an office space right now, but the room is intended to be a bedroom. you will be sharing the apartment with me as my girlfriend will be my ex girlfriend at the end of march.”

tonight: the mountain goats! as your heart fills with jealousy try to remember there are things that you get to do that i don’t get to do. maybe you have a washer and drier in your house or apartment so you get to do laundry at home! maybe you live near a river with a rope swing and in the summers you get to rope swing out into the river!

today i made some juice. it’s like my most favorite activity. this juice was orange-grapefruit-maderin-lime-blood orange-apple-ginger. here are the pictures. i thought i should take some pictures: