feasting and dancing

oh man. the concert last night: so totally amazing awesome. amira and i rode bikes over to divisidero and met up with khristina for some ethiopian (i think) food and some beer. then we walked over to the show where the ice cream man gave us a free rocket pop which we quickly ate before going inside. the show itself was impressive though not as awesome as last year (hard to beat, i must admit). he played a lot of sweet songs, including BEST EVER “no children” and “autoclave” which may be my favorite song on his new album. but here’s the crazy thing: we stood next to this dude who amira knew who was with this OTHER dude (my new friend drew) who turned out to have extra tickets to today’s show at the bottom of the hill, a show which i REALLY wanted to see. and this guy, drew, my new if-you-need-a-kidney-call-me-first friend, GAVE me a ticket. he didn’t even sell it to me. he gave it to me. so this afternoon, instead of bike riding, i squeezed in with drew and other super fans (including two of the cutest little boys, aged like 5 and 9, i have ever seen singing “i could feel the alcohol inside of me…”) and watched/participated in one of the crazier mountain goats shows i’ve ever been two, screamed until my head almost fell off, chanted “hail satan” like a champion and shouted the lyrics to “i saw the sign” like i was some sort of unit commander at normandy.

i really love the mountain goats.

tomorrow i am giving a lecture on objects in the class i ta for. you can bet there will be a little mountain goats example playing as loudly as possible from my computer.

seriously. three encores. both nights. wtf? who knew the world was such a wonderful place? i did. especially here in san francisco. and the weather! and the bike riding! anyway, i can’t get in to all that right now.