try try your whole life

things i did today:

slept in kind of late-ish, okay until 9, and had a dream that the cool popular boy from middle school and high school (greg) was following me around lewis & clark trying to kill me with a shotgun because he knew i was such a safety nut that i was going to tell the administration about, well, his gun he was trying to kill me with.

rode to tiburon in record time. 5 minutes faster than ever before when i was timing. talked to my cousin amy on the phone about her karaoke documentary. she is making a karaoke documentary. got in trouble with the ferry staff.

met up with claremarie and ate some lunch from tartine (so hip, so delicious) in dolores park (so hip, less delicious). then i rode home really fast to remove my spandex and switch bikes for the more dolores park-friendly ghost rider 2, and rode back to sit with claremarie and amira in the park and eavesdrop on all the wierdo conversations.

(amira got into a sweet program with a sweet fellowship for next year. the only un-sweet part is she is moving to the other side of the country at the beginning of the summer. for me this constitutes tragedy.)

came home again, watched heros so i can discuss it with my cousin erica. mixed feelings, however, i might really like it. i finished episode 2.

made a very tiny dinner. i don’t know why that seemed smart.

road up to maxfield’s to work on funny/sexy/sad stuff with amira. went over to ike’s (read some of these reviews for real and remember i told you about this place and also that ike knows my name) and split a delicious sandwich with amira. went and picked up the amp and mic we are borrowing for the reading tomorrow (come!) and dropped it back at maxfield’s and look. here i am. back at my computer. a whole lovely day of san francisco almost done. oh well. tomorrow should be good too. come to our reading! for real, we have an O HENRY PRIZE WINNER in our midst.