champions of various things

funny/sexy/sad was totally the greatest last night. we filled up maxfield’s with people who like excitement:

i feel sort of bad for the world because it is about to get taken over by us. sorry world.

other things that have happened since 6:15 yesterday:

i saw the dodos with amira and khristina and marisa:

and the oh sees. and some guy with an ironic mustache standing in front of me turned around and leaned in and said, “you guys are talking SUPER loud.”

it was the most action i’ve ever gotten on a night out in san francisco (clearly not counting deserted streets and bus stops and the buses themselves). the boys here are the best in the world.

my book arts book is going to be hella tight. also, i sliced my finger pretty convincingly doing a linocut of the oregon trail cover wagon. the life of an artist is danger danger danger.