dude. i am tired. i watched too much heroes and did too much bike riding last week and now i am under-prepared. well, i WAS under-prepared for my two classes today (ask me if that stopped me from dominating conversations and leading discussions on things i may or may not have read) and now i WILL BE under-prepared for my workshop tomorrow. i really do love school but occasionally i wish i had one of those job-type things where when you aren’t at work you aren’t working. i have to write a story for next week. i have to do a lot of things. all i want is to make my oregon trail book and ride my bike to tiburon. and then watch tv shows and yell at my computer screen. and go to mountain goats shows. and sit in the park with my friends. and stage funny/saxy/sad readings. and talk to my brother and my mom and my dad on the phone. and go to movies. and make juice. and eat at ike’s.

do you know where i can find that job.

oh and write stories and write this. i do like writing a lot. but now i have to read other people’s stuff and write about it. i hope i remember to put on my turquoise eyeliner tomorrow and i hope i have enough energy to swim after class.

i can’t wait until wednesday. and also, per a discussion in my class this evening: i think oprah is trying to get your money with her book club and she doesn’t love you and care about you because she doesn’t know you. she’s the benjamin franklin of right now and i mean that in a bad way.