i’m reading this chapter in a book about reading that is making the argument that some video games serve a narrative function. i totally buy it but she won’t stop arguing. i agree lady! what are the implications?!

probably i could read further. whatever.

you know that i have almost lost friends over my inability to stop saying “whatever”? i need to put a lid on that.

i really have nothing to say. i just spilled water on my book and i also dropped my annie’s pizza hot pocket-y thing on my sleeping bag this morning. well on the ground actually but it made a stop on my sleeping bag. i need to stop eating at my desk in a sleeping bag. someday.

i finished the golden compass this morning. i also finished heroes season one. these things would be better if they didn’t have continuations. season two of heroes is online and the next book about lyra and the golden compass is probably available just about anywhere.

thank goodness it’s almost spring break. my will power is something that basically does not exist.