i take what i can get

sometimes i am a selfish jerk. like tonight i told my roommate i would help him with this thing whenever and then my friends showed up at my door to see if i wanted to go get a margarita and i was like, “absolutely” and totally ditched my roommate in his hour of need. i can’t say no to a margarita or people at my door. in fact, people i like showing up at my door saying, “get on your bike! drink a margarita!” is like my wildest dream.

i have now officially lost all of my hair ties.

tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the destruction over in iraq. i am devoting the day to changing the world. hopefully this won’t involve jail time but i think it’s about time i commit, even if it does.

also: we were talking about blogs yesterday in my teaching lit class and how they are narrative. i’m not sure if this is very narrative. also: i am now on the poetry center website. ie famous. also the write-up i did for steve’s band’s website is up too (ignore grammar mistakes). extra famous. without being acknowledged. i am a good samaritan, what can i say? tonight at the bar the bartender gave me a twenty instead of a ten for change and i gave it back. i am a GOOD PERSON. see, the character development!? this is like jane eyre or something. i’m going to bed.