today started for me around 1:45 am when two cars smashed into each other outside my window. i put on my glasses, looked out the window and called 911. this is the third time since i have lived where i live that i have looked out my window and called 911. then i put on some clothes and went outside and saw that no one was dying so i tried to comfort the crying gangster guy with a broken arm and convince the smoking homeless guy to move away from the car fluids all over the street. both cars were completely totaled. the police took their sweet time showing up. then i went back upstairs and spent the next little while listening to the whole thing go down, all the way up to the towing and the street cleaning. awesome.

then at 6:00 am i woke up again to get ready for the fifth anniversary of the iraq war. amira and clare marie and beth and this guy dusty and i all become a team and rode downtown and joined a bike mob supporting different direct actions. we basically got different text messages and rode to different places and then when we got there we yelled a lot. i blew my lifeguard whistle. we saw people chained to the federal reserve and the chevron headquarters. lots of riot police. lots of arrests. we saw the cops take some guy down at a die-in and break his glasses and step on his head. mainly they were friendly though. we shut down a lot of intersections just by riding around in circles. here are some pictures: