obviously doctor you've never been a thirteen year old girl

today was full of getting things done. getting IMPORTANT things done:

dropping off the oregon trail flipbook at kinko’s and holding important meetings at the counter at kinko’s about how the oregon trail flipbook should look, ie awesome.

depositing most enormous check i have ever received (you know as recompense for my traumatic bike accident) into various new high yielding accounts. getting a sad look from the teller when i told her this was the most money i have ever had.

buying paper for the flipbook and riding it back to kinko’s.

meeting up with seirra, just in from mexico city for the day, and her high school friends for bloody marys.

meeting up with amira to discuss funny/sexy/sad and eat dinner and laugh like middle school girls.

some things were not accomplished. like my craigslist date which i am extremely nervous about was moved to tomorrow. i’m sort of worried i picked someone too cool looking for my first craigslist date ever. this kid looks pretty cool. in the picture he sent me he was wearing a hat with a unicorn on it. i have these images in my mind of this really sad woman i once saw sit and wait for a blind date for like an hour. this lady had almost a full beard. no one ever showed up. or what about that whole thirteen year old girl killing herself over myspace thing? (note: fox news is the only place that carries these kinds of news items so don’t click on that link if you don’t want to support the enemy.)(note 2: not because i am planning to end it all over craigslist but because what if this person ISN’T REAL? what if this is just the culmination of a plan to humiliate me set in motion by beth s.’s mom back in fourth grade?)

anyway, unless this dude googled me and found my blog (which happens if one is to believe the things one reads on the internet and sees on television; he could be reading this now! he could be you!) i guess i will chalk up awkward experience one trillion tomorrow evening. it should be awesome. and then spring break 2008! washington state, things are about to get CRAZY. port angeles, i’m talking to you.