spring break 08

yesterday i spent the whole entire day celebrating jesus in my pajamas. seriously. i didn’t get dressed at all; i never left my parents’ house. instead i read on the couch and sat in front of a fire and watched some stupid dvds and talked to my parents and made a quesadilla. i haven’t been that lazy not hung over and not sick since, well, ever. it was amazing. today my parents are at work so i am doing some work too. by which i mean “work” like so far i have spent $40 on books. ($30 of which is related to my new plan to salvage my bookarts broadside which is: incorporate images of the native people of oregon and the rest of the pacific northwest alongside my funny little thing about the oregon trail computer game. add another dimension beyond adorable maybe like look at this fucked up propaganda we loved about manifest destiny. now look at the columbia river before it was dammed. or something.)

also i am going to finish a story i am writing for my friend. not school related. fun related. this is spring break 08. then i am going to buy some new magic gloves and maybe a flannel and who knows what else at swain’s. for lunch: taco time.

it’s funny how i used to hate port angeles with all my heart and now it is basically my favorite.