[me flashing the camera]

so the day after i wrote my last entry, all about how great it was to just lie around all day even though i wasn’t sick or hung over or anything, i got a cold. not a big surprise. port angeles is cold. just ask the dude who once wrote to the local paper and said, “anyone who still believes in global warming should take a step outside.” also, i usually get sick when i come home. i just get to comfortable. viruses march on in.

it was okay. if you have to get sick, i always say the best place to do it is at home. i sat on the couch for days and watched the first three seasons of sex and the city. a good way to kill time; probably not very good for america.

then my brother and his girlfriend olivia came to town. and we watched sex and the city together and ate my parents’ food together and played with our old cat giro together (pronounced “guy-row”; she’s like sixteen these days). other things we watched: flight of the conchords and arrested development. my parents occasionally joined us for those.

i did what i always do these days when i go up to the pacific northwest. i bought warm clothes. it’s fucking cold up there.

the only homework i did was: i finished this story i was writing for my friend mark and i bought a book with pictures of indians. it’s possible i mentioned these things already since i achieved them on the second day and then basically gave up and sank into my parents’ various comfortable flat surfaces.

another thing that happened: four alarm alert when my cousin amy flew to new york for a movie audition. i would rather never hear any of my relatives ever say “nigerian snuff film” ever again. anyway, she was not murdered or raped or sold into slavery. the director did tell her she needed to lose twenty lbs. which is hilarious if you have ever seen amy: quite possibly the most attractive person i know in real life. give me a break director. i mean, maybe it was the part was “girl in auschwitz yard 3″ or something. anyway.

speaking of auschwitz, i read a lot of interesting new yorker articles over spring break. now that i am twenty five i will accept a subscription to that magazine as a gift for any holiday. it is full of information. did you know it costs 1.7 cents to make a penny? for real.

jessie ended up being in the hospital. goddamn her white blood cells! but i got to wear a mask and go visit her. she has a nice nurse. she doesn’t like the hospital though. which makes sense.

other things i did: watch port angeles stand up comedy/ eat at frugal’s TWICE/ see 10,000 bc in the theater (don’t make that mistake)/ see the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford (not a mistake; i love the old west!)/ride a little plane to seattle/hang out with birch/ get new jeans/(just today) talk to my cousin erica’s youngest baby on the phone and be insanely amazed that he can talk because last time i saw him in november he was just outside of infancy i thought/ also talk to her second youngest, also awesome.

anyway, that’s pretty much it. already i miss my family. i do not miss: the cold air trying to break my bones.