lies lies

there is something so nice about my window being open and me being comfortable. also there is something nice about listening to she & him volume one. have you heard that yet? every time i see my brother i come away with better music.

i didn’t get in any good tricks today. i did get sort of tricked by text message. only sort of because i knew it was a lie but i still called a ton of people to check it out. including i left a message saying, “i don’t think your girlfriend is pregnant but if she is congratulations but if she isn’t congratulations too.” (i am a grammar expert so i am allowed to do whatever i want with sentences.) the worst part about this kind of trick is two parts: a) these same people have played this trick on me before in reverse (tonight mark told me kyle’s girlfriend was pregnant and a year or so ago kyle told me mark’s girlfriend was pregnant, or maybe ben and ian told me mark’s girlfriend was pregnant; i can’t quite remember the facts and why do so many people have girlfriends?) and b) i have played this trick on other people.

i am sadly the most gullible person i know.

i was just talking to my brother on the phone and he said this: “i literally almost peed my pants in class today.”

my brother? he’s awesomest. sorry ladies, he’s taken too.

i don’t know about this guy: