less like a caveman

oh man. first of all: i have a new apartment my friends. it is true. i am OUT OF HERE. i got the sweetest place ever, just a few blocks away. i already have the keys for crying out loud. it’s in a building where almost nobody speaks english so we will be the first wave of gentrification. that’s right. i’ll try hard not to display my money in the window. best part? well there are nearly one trillion best parts to be honest, like the lease in my name, not paying rent in cash, a laundermat right next door, the 27 bus, living in my own place which is my own place and not someone else’s place, no cat poop in the hallway. but the real best part is, if pete makes it out of brazil alive, HE IS MOVING IN IN JUNE. i know. it’s going to be exactly like you thought being adult was going to be like. roommates with your friend in a tight city; riding your bike around and eating ice cream whenever you damn well want to.

other things: i got my legs waxed by a professional this morning and upon seeing my body with no pants on she said, and i quote EXACTLY: “you don’t have a boyfriend do you.” not a question. it convinced me to get a full leg instead of a half and then she threw in a bikini for free without asking me.

also, my friend nathan is visiting and today we rode around the city. he has pictures. tomorrow: tiburon.

right now both of us are quietly making love to the internet.

speaking of which:

this is so far exactly a good day.