yeah it's rough over here

today nathan and i rode to tiburon in the sun.

we took pictures of each other on the big famous bridge. we almost killed roughly 14 tourists.

i took this picture WHILE RIDING. i know. i’m blowing your mind right now.

this is nathan kicking my ass even though he’s on a fixed gear. whatever.

this is my new favorite place to eat in tiburon. this guy called nathan “baby face” for real.

that was us, the super attractive people on the ferry.

also, nathan being my current side kick, we went and checked out my apartment last night. this morning while nathan was sleeping on my floor i started taking stuff over to the new place in the grocery carrier my mom gave me.

this is the kitchen. we need a table. send us a table. and pots. and silverware. okay basically the only kitchen things i have are mugs and the joy of cooking. and the juicer.

this is the living room with nathan pointing out the window.

as you can see, the bedroom. just kidding. you can’t see that. i think this is the room that i’ve called, pete being absent.