garden grove

last night was funny/sexy/sad 3. clearly a massive success. a lot of people came and this guy below dressed up like carol brady and did a monologue about anal sex and murdering mike brady. it was perfect.

also i am almost completely moved into the new place:

i still have a few things to get out of my old room and i am taking a very long time doing it because i am a little scared of/not interested in talking to my old roommate. i ordered internet today because i love the internet and it is now a necessary part of life. the internet is infinite. is that right?

two other things: last night i lost one of the sliver hoop earrings i have been wearing since probably my senior year of high school that jade bought for me at the osu bookstore for i think my birthday. this constitutes a minor tragedy. i don’t know what i am going to do!

the other thing is i am wearing the most amazing outfit today: