pit orchestra

dudes. i am tired. in the past two days i have accomplished almost nothing substantial except for getting this internet up. i guess that is okay though because after tomorrow and then maybe a little bit after that i will be all settled in my new place and not moving anymore and able to focus on things like my education, my summer employment, my bills, the education of others, exercise, you know, life.

moving is always a difficult process though i think it is more difficult this time because i don’t have my parents to help me. goddamn space/time! when will we be able to teleport?

there are other things about this time moving which are pretty whack but i’m too tired to get into them right now. like i said. i’m tired.

you know what is hard about being an adult? a lot of stuff. there will be more on this subject tomorrow i imagine. now i am thinking about making a grilled cheese sandwich.