one big festival of suckiness

[this is a picture from my computer from scotland 2004. i think this is the night i led my team to pub quiz victory though here i am just sitting on my friend ben’s lap. the other guy is a german i think. that was a pretty fun time.]

this weekend was one of the worst weekends i have maybe ever had. top five. it involved high drama, the tenants union, five police officers and me being so distracted i managed to buy my second cheese grater. i don’t have that many things in my kitchen. how could i buy two cheese graters?

i would like to write all about it of course. i mean the POLICE give me a break. but i am currently trying to disengage myself from any further drama, because i have things to do and being angry and scared are not conducive to thing doing unless you count watching sex and the city “thing doing” and the person with whom i am having (hopefully had) a disturbingly weird misunderstanding is reading my blog these days. maybe has been for many days. which i don’t mind. the internet is for all! so you’ll just have to wait for unrelated criminal activity for a police story i guess.

you could always call me if you want the whole thing top to bottom.

so now i have a ton of work to do and it’s 9 pm. i love my new place. i made nachos in my new kitchen tonight and roop came over to eat some and youtube george michael videos. i can’t wait for the dishes and table my mom ordered me to arrive! i can’t wait for a couch someday. and of course i can’t wait for pete to show up either. i swear to god it was 90 degrees today.

i need a summer job.