we don't fight

here are some things i have been thinking about today:

are there a LOT of movies about english teachers lately or am i imagining this? i swear that after lawyer and doctor and assassin, english teacher is hollywood’s most popular profession. i guess a lot of screen writers are one-time english majors. i guess maybe i have a chance after all.

someone could make a lot of money by installing email breathalyzers.

why is it so difficult to do any kind of work at all, even work that isn’t that bad, and so easy to watch internet tv and eat bon bons?

when did grocery stores start selling bon bons again?

also i really like my new apartment. here are some pictures of the new additions, table and dishes from my mom, and cooking:

yes i got that apron for christmas from beetle. i didn’t ride my bike to tiburon yesterday but i did ride to a sort of job interview thing. which was cool. maybe there is hope for some not-horrible summer employment yet! yesterday night i ate steaks in perhaps the nicest house i have ever been in. from the green house bathroom on the second floor you could see all of san francisco.

i would like to think i am about to start doing some work but that seems very very unlikely.