when the house was standing

so somehow i became sick between like 9 am and noon today. totally whack. this is a terrible time to be sick. i have homework!

my new thing is the kitchen is my office:

clearly if anyone else ever comes over and when pete moves in i will have to change this plan but for right now it is perfect. i was always eating at my desk before so now my desk is my kitchen table. genius. i am a genius.

i’ve been watching homicide: life on the streets in my few spare moments lately. has anyone else seen this show since like the early 90’s? i really like it. but who doesn’t love gritty crime drama? besides terrorists?

it is so windy today. i think google is struggling with the wind. google is definitely struggling with something today. i keep getting kicked off gchat like some sort of criminal.

my evening plans are: finish my work work and maybe a little more reading student work then make dinner and watch homicide and then take a bath and read about teaching literature. basically the plan is perfect and ends with going to bed at like 8. like i said earlier, i am a genius.

i really hope my sore throat miraculously disappears over night. i wish witches were real and i was a witch and i knew a spell to cure sore throats. oh well. i guess no magic is for the better really. i wouldn’t want the ability to turn people into flies and things. i think i might abuse that power.