books on the ground!

i met a homeless dude on the bus today who was reading into thing air. he told me all about how sweet it is and everest and everything and the hillary step. he was really engaging with the text! and i asked him if had read john krakauer’s other books and he said, no but he would definitely be checking them out now. then he told me that he had found the book he was reading ON THE STREET. for real. i think this makes the answer to world’s problems very very clear. leave good books on the street. they are perfect for the homeless! i mean, how else is a homeless man going to transport himself from the terrible ugliness of his life? drugs? alcohol? the homeless don’t have tvs. in fact, i’m beginning to think that if oprah really cared like she is always saying she does, she wouldn’t be making a tidy profit off of selling fantasy and cultural entree to bored middle class housewives, she’s be getting bags full of engaging and educating books and throwing them out on the street. who is a grant writer? is there someway we can write a grant for this program? i think a gun just went off somewhere very close by.

[i stopped writing this entry because i heard gunshots and screaming. then i went downstairs. a guy it looks like was shot right outside my building, one of the guys, kids really, who hang out there at night. the weird thing about this shooting is that it happened at like a quarter to ten at night instead of at three am which is what i am used to. the kid looked to be okay, not dead anyway, but apparently two more people were shot down the block. this is my block. i stood outside for awhile in the sprinkly rain and watched the police put crime scene tape up across my gate and around the building. there was some blood i could see on the ground. most everyone was speaking spanish. no one would tell the police what happened. i’m not scared for some reason. i think a better response would be fear but instead i just don’t want to have to move. these kids are polite to me. they never make me feel scared or uncomfortable. i wish they weren’t selling drugs. i wish someone would do something about drugs.]