the great white hope

so yesterday i was somewhere, coming home or something, walking, and for some reason this guy from lewis & clark who i never really knew popped into my head. i don’t know why. i think maybe i thought i saw him but then it wasn’t him. he used to have a radio show after mine and he was like two years older than me so that means one thousand times cooler. so i started imagining what i would have said to him. i got about as far as “didn’t you go to lewis & clark?” and then i started thinking about something else.

so today i went and saw forgetting sarah marshall (pretty entertaining–if someone has to rule the world we could do worse than judd apatow) and afterwards i was riding by whole foods on my way home and decided to pick up some things i needed. i had a massive to-do list and grocery shop was one of the things to be done. so i buy some stuff, some clams for dinner, and i went outside to unlock my bike and then i looked up and there was this dude walking towards me who looked like the guy from lc. let’s just call him matt because that is his name. so i sort of stared at him, expecting at any moment to realize that it wasn’t him. but it was him! and i was staring at him! and then he looked at me and said, “did you go to lewis & clark?”