a gun and a pack of sandwiches

i just got off the phone with my best friend from kindergarten. i’m going to visit her in las vegas in june. say thank you to myspace. without myspace i still wouldn’t know all about what she is doing these days in las vegas and her parents wouldn’t have invited me to go out there in june. old people hate technology. good thing i’m still not old.

june is going to be a pretty sweet month if i can get over this employment hurdle. i wish the poetry center had summer work study. today i cracked a work-related mystery using a filemaker pro database. it was incredibly satisfying. i’m really into filemaker pro but if you want to buy me software i’d rather have indesign. have you seen my flipbook? i didn’t think so. check back soon for pictures. i’m too tired right now.

my upstairs neighbors seem to have a furniture moving fetish or else two wooden legs. what is going on in that kitchen? only those people upstairs could tell you for sure.

my mom is coming on thursday. stop being so jealous. it makes your face ugly.

there was something else i wanted to say. oh i was directed by various people to this blog: soveryalone.com. i guess it won the blog award that my favorite dasbecca.com lost. and i can tell you for sure that she was robbed. robbed. but in a very strange way. i would say becca and alone are like direct opposites. becca: nice, positive, reliable, a girl. alone: mean, negative, a liar, a boy. maybe he isn’t a boy. i don’t know. i have a sneaking suspicion that he is in a creative writing program somewhere, or a high school. either place: not doing very well.

interesting. the internet is interesting. my dad always says something is interesting when he means it is offensively bad but he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings because he thinks you might really like it. i wish i had a funny example of something my dad has called interesting but my dad has really good taste so most of the examples make me look stupid. such as: “that thing you do is a very interesting movie lizzy.”

the wooden legs upstairs just hit something and now the kitchen is bright like the north pole. at least they stay in the kitchen. i am going to bed.