when i say no i mean maybe

a few updates on the state of things:

kinkos and i are breaking up. we just don’t have enough mutual trust anymore. they no longer trust me that i know what weight of paper is best for my project and i no longer trust them to ever do my project the way i asked them to do it. it was inevitable. times changed.

i rode to tiburon for the first time in like months yesterday. or A month anyway. but first i stopped and ate breakfast in sausalito with my friend stephen. i know A LOT of stephens. this is an especially cool stephen. he rode with me there and then rode back up the hill to practice for the aids life cycle. cool guy. i mean really.

my mom is visiting and it is awesome. highlights:
cable car riding
eating delicious food (sushi tonight with amira)
a new couch TO BE DELIVERED TOMORROW (by new i mean new to me)
seeing my mom

okay i am tired and going to get ready to sleep on the floor in what will soon be pete’s room. also: pete’s back in the country. count down to super amazing summer beginning now.

also: i need a job.

also: i’m thinking of putting my books this year in plastic bags again. i still have a lot of plastic bags.