i win even when i don't cheat

today my mom and i went shopping downtown and i bought myself some totally sweet sparkle pink lip gloss. it goes so well with my sparkle blue eyeliner that i will probably shortly be wearing it every day.

when we got home someone had ended two young pigeon lives by cleaning away the nest. good bye wildlife safari.

also: the couch was delivered and it is comfy and i am sitting on it right this second. and my mom and i made delicious chocolate chip scones and we watched the counterfeiters which was good. why is that the germans are always making wildly successful movies about the holocaust and we americans have yet to make any good internment camp films at all? can you name one? what does it say about us as a culture that we are happy to just sweep that incident under the rug? are we kind of making a statement that we really don’t think what we did was so wrong after all? because we didn’t gas anybody? maybe that is my new mission: make something compelling about the japanese internment. consider it done world. lizzy acker is on the job.