and again!

below is an email i sent out last week:

dear bay-area and not-bay-area-but-know-bay-area people,

funny/sexy/sad 4 is happening MAY 7th! this is a wednesday again, like last time. and it will be awesome, like last time. also like last time (and the time before and the time before): 7:30 pm at maxfield’s house of caffeine on the corner of 17th and dolores. in san francisco california.

if you haven’t been to funny/sexy/sad yet, i strongly urge you to come. we are blowing up like hanson. can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if you were friends with the hanson boys back in 1993 and these days all your other friends were always like, “man it must have been sweet to see hanson back before they were so mega-huge!” but you had to say, “well, they kept emailing me with their america online internet but i just never made it to one of their coffee house gigs.”

don’t make that mistake; come see us on may 7th.

for the rest of you: yeah, show up like usual and tell all your friends. this month we have jen sullivan brych, evan rehill, matt rohrer, leigh gallagher and greta boesel reading the funniest, sexiest and saddest stuff they can find. it’s going to be relatively mind-blowing.

ALSO on may 28th we will be having our first ever funny/sexy/sad open mic at pirate cat radio (21st and florida) so start practicing your most amazing 3-5 minutes of funniness, sexiness and/or sadness. more information will be available about that soon but get ready is all i am saying.

SO COME! and check out our manifesto at if you have any questions or submissions or want to be on the official mailing list, email us at attached is our newest poster. print off a billion and plaster your neighborhood. see you on the 7th!

your pal,