things are so crazy at state now we need three crossing guards. adorable.

a gorgeous array of treats for the poetry center interns, designed by me. okay and my boss too.

mrs. dalloway, created by me (originally as a man in a sombrero but i bow to public opinion) (the opinion of my class) out of “fiddlesticks” brought in by one of the other students in my mfa workshop. graduate school. tough business.

israeli “independence day” celebration. adorably ironic peace sign by the girl in the cute blue shirt.

oh can’t you just feel the independence (or the genocide, whichever)?

the protesters may have not had the israeli propaganda machine printing up their signs but at least they had reason and logic on their team. the whole thing reminded me of how last night i was talking about going on my birthright tour. this world. is massively fucked up.

below: funny/sexy/sad!

that’s the story. now i am making brownies and dinner and drinking wine. i might not actually be eligible for birthright. dang. i wasn’t going to israel that way anyway.