up here in intensive care

today, if you notice is sunday. i haven’t written since thursday and on thursday i barely wrote, i just threw around the word “adorable” a bunch. it’s because i’ve been busy okay? important things are happening because it’s the end of the semester. at least important things are happening for some people. claremarie and amira are graduating, same with a lot of people, so there is a lot of anxious talk going around about things like margins and titles. also, there is the whole end-of-year potluck thing, which i usually ignore but this year have decided to participate in through baking. and the poetry center is giving me more hours. and i am trying to get employed for the summer and finish art projects and teaching projects and washing the dishes (check out that faulty parallel). my hot water shut off yesterday. but mainly i’ve been riding my bike and doing social-types of things and watching tv on my computer. on friday night amira had a sweet birthday potluck which ended in quite possibly the best interpretive dance of all time to “eleanore rigby” by my friend beth. who knew the beatles were so perfect for interpretive dance? i should have know.

yesterday i went for a nice two hour ride down to the beach and out to lake merced with my friend steven. it was sunny and i finally saw the buffalo in the park. they were kind of sad really, just sort of straggly out in the middle of a field. there were only like five of them.

in the evening amira and beth and i went and saw made of honor. i probably shouldn’t even admit that on the internet but if i don’t it will be hard for me to label it “the worst movie i have seen in a very long time.” it is the worst movie i have seen in a very long time. basically you know the premise because you’ve a) seen the ads or b) seen the movie poster. still the movie doesn’t get around to patrick dempsey being the maid of honor for about an hour. what do they do in that hour? try to cram as many negative stereotypes and cliched ideas on screen as possible! instead of character development, p.d. pets dogs and drives a sports car. we know he loves the girl HE doesn’t know he loves yet because he knows her drink at starbucks. there are at least two characters that have no purpose other than to be laughed at because they are weird. how are they weird? they wear glasses! they aren’t hot! instead of chemistry between the two characters there is an abundance of fake laughter and fake honesty (honesty in this movie being, “you’re hair is ugly”). the complete absence of logic is compounded by the complete absence of humor. the writers for this movie (and i am assuming the producers actually wrote this one) give up on trying for any even semi-complicated laughs. and they may have been right to do so. in the theater last night they got big responses to the repetition of the word “pussy” and the short kilt and the grandma wearing “glow in the dark thunder beads” as a necklace (like they can say “pussy” one thousand times but the word “anal” doesn’t make it past the censors?).

finally, the lessons i am pretty sure this movie is trying to teach america:
1. if you are unattractive and too eager, no one will like you.
2. if you want to find love, starve yourself.
3. it’s okay for a guy to be a complete dick who sleeps with every hot girl in new york city and breaks all their hearts because at one moment he will see true love and completely change his whole life.
4. however it is not okay to be one of the girls who gets romantically attached to such a man, if she is not the true love girl, because those girls are fools. they are too eager. no one likes them.
5. never tell anyone what you actually think about them, even if your relationship is built on a mutual love of “honesty” until a horse throws you into their wedding to another person.

anyway, it was entertaining like an easy multiplication test. entertaining until you start feeling bad for the other kids who can’t finish it in time.

today i am doing work i swear. i brought my speakers into the kitchen so the music is much louder and i can complete with the gangster rap and the mariachi music coming through the walls. beirut wins! i’m going to finish washing my dishes now. it’s almost summer! i’m excited too!