i woke up today in a very simple way

it’s saturday night which means the building is crazy. well not as crazy as it has been with the apocalyptic weather, but i hear a baby crying and a tv. it’s only 10:17. things might get crazier. i have been a BAD BLOGGER lately. let me catch you up:

thursday i rode to school (it was bike to work day and i was actually going to work) and almost died of heat stroke (it was 99 degrees in sf on thursday). i had to stop on the side of the great highway, pull my bike into the sand and watch the surfers and drink water for 5 minutes before i could continue. the wind was blowing my face. blowing hot in my face. i got to school a sweat monster. but it was fun. later i went to the creative writing awards ceremony and had the honor of being the least important person to present an award (on behalf of the poetry center). in the evening i met up with college friend felix and sf friend chrissy at the jay’n bee, a bar half a block away from my house that is like the goose hollow inn of bryant valley (bryant valley being the hip yuppy name i just invented for my neighborhood, back on wednesday with my friend khristina, after we had eaten german food in hayes valley)(this was before we went to a sweet show [with amira and her friend giovanni] featuring port o’brien and somebody still loves you boris yeltsin at the rickshaw stop).

friday: after staying up until 2 am with felix i was prepped for another day of the great heat horror expect this time i had to wear a grown-up outfit for a job interview. by the time i got to book arts class the majority of the other students were drunk (11 am and this is college not high school). i did bookarts, did interview (for teaching next year: i thought it went well but so did everyone else i’ve talked to) and came home in time to get margaritas at the latin american club with beth (in this issue of bang bang smash smash i just drop names of bars i’ve been to in the past few days). after margaritas: caught up on grey’s anatomy and lost and drank a LOT of water to counter act the tequila.

today i had a training for my new swim instructor job (yes i seem to be employed for the summer at a place i can RIDE MY BIKE TO; i’m bringing it back to pre-9/11 when i rode my bike and taught swimming lessons; we were all happier then, right?). after training i was starving so i ate world’s grossest middle school cafeteria cheeseburger at jollibee (this is the exact restaurant they invented for dogma except it is apparently from the philippine’s and they have spaghetti on the menu). later i met up with beth at atlas (last one?) and then we went to jay’n bee again and played hearts with amira and giovanni.

and now i am home. not much analysis. it’s been approximately a half an hour since i started writing and now i hear the bass of the music somewhere in the building. tonight they had live jazz-y type music at jay’n bee. pete might be coming next week and the air is getting cooler. goodnight. for tonight anyway.