all i ever write about any more is how i don’t write. it’s true. i’m a writer and i don’t write at all. having friends has sadly severely affected my writing quantity. and i still don’t know when to use the a form or the e form. i guess anyone could have guessed this, that being socially and physically active is more satisfying than writing about how you aren’t socially and physically active. luckily for my writing two of my favorite san francisco people, beth and amira, are moving away soon. though i am getting a really sweet roommate in like LESS THAN A WEEK. a sweet roommate who alleges to have just found a futon. oh man. you want to visit us. a futon and FIVE surfboards.

other news: i rode my bike to school again today which was awesome. foggy. and i saw the bison in golden gate park.

on another note: you should listen to another acker genius, my uncle. he plays good music.

i don’t know what else to write about. i’m still waiting to hear about the teaching job for next year which according to those who know means i probably didn’t get it. sorry prospective students. you would have had a really awesome class. i watched american history x last night so it is officially going into my lit class lesson plan. otherwise this is the real world i live in: tomorrow, work. and the next day and the next. soon pete will live down the hall. i will be working. on what though is the question. i guess that is why it is fun to be 25.