dazzle camouflage

i just turned in my last project to turn in today for my teaching literature class. three weeks of a sophomore non-major lit class based on “the american scholar” and american history x. tomorrow i have to go back to the printmaking studio and clean all my stuff up. and then the first week of june i will go back to the poetry center for two days to do some work.

the work is never really over.

i’ve been rereading cruddy recently, by lynda barry. i loved this book when i first read it, which i think was way back in high school. i love it again. i can even describe it to you except: so disturbing. so perfect in every way. i would recommend you go to the book store and buy it immediately. go. now.

i got a flat tire today riding my bike to school. i blame bay to breakers for the glass in the park. and then i couldn’t work my co2 canister. it was sad. but a guy rode by with a pump and we pumped my new tube up and then after school i went and bought more co2 and a little pump so i can be double prepared for our trip on saturday to angel island. just a little bit before the accident last year amira and clare-marie and i rode around on angel island [oh look at my old bike!],the island in the middle of the bay. we are going back and this time bringing beth and roop too. i hope the weather’s nice. i’ve been riding my bike to school and missing out on the muttering bus weather report.

i just got a call from my friend chrissy and i think i am going to head over to the jay’n bee. i was there last night too. the jay’n bee is not a drunken bar. it’s a bar for talking about important things and unimportant things. i am tired but i don’t think one drink could really hurt at this point. below are some pictures i’ve taken in the last few days:

riding my bike to school. the new usual.

my new shoes which i bought after a very sad boring day. in the mall. however. i like them.

self-portrait with stove.