california 1 (youth and beauty brigade)

dude. i have been seriously missing lately. because so much has been happening! pete moved in for one thing. and steve and his band mate had a truck breaking problem so they were here for awhile. and we had an open mic for funny sexy sad that was ON THE INTERNET. and podcast which i am still trying to figure out so i can get it out to you world. i had three insane long days of lifeguard (re)training and made a new friend named jared who i am obsessed with being friends with. tonight is amira’s last night in town and so in a little bit pete and i are heading over there. here are a few pictures of what’s been happening, since the last pictures i put up here:

chrissy and me and carnival!

sara my work friend gets ready for the open mic.

claremarie stuns the crowd with her mind blowing poetry.

pete gets himself into a wetsuit.

pete catching some sweet wave far off in the distance.

me at ocean beach watching pete surf because i need a wetsuit myself.