so rich so pretty

awesomest interaction of the day:

pete and went to rent a movie at blockbuster. pete sort of cut in front of this lady accidentally and i said, “hey pete are you going to cut in front of that lady?” she was like in her thirties, a little overweight, pretty standard lady and she gives him this weird look and he said, “oh sorry i didn’t see you.” so the lady says, “oh i get that all the time because i am so skinny people just don’t even see me, especially in black.” you can tell by her tone of voice that she thinks she is being really funny but it isn’t working and then she looks at me and says, “i bet you get that a lot too.”

this is true. a stranger called me fat in blockbuster. the plus side is: i was too irritated to buy a hannah montana poster. we got confessions of a dangerous mind. i’m going to las vegas in two days.