a kind of bird

every day in san francisco is a perfectly beautiful day. for example: today. i woke up at 7 and it was already warm and sunny in the mission. pete and i drove down to ocean beach so he could catch some big waves and i could catch some foam and slowly psyche myself up so someday i can catch big waves too. it was warm even at the beach. i came home and made my semi-ripped pants into a sweet pair of cut-offs and then after noon pete and i went to check out the scene at dolores park. it wasn’t too crowded so we ate some cherries and picked up some style tips. after that i don’t really know what i did. oh i decided i didn’t want to do laundry so i hand-washed my lifeguard shirt and hung it up outside like the neighbors do sometimes. then beth and i went over to the jay n bee for a little margarita and scrabble. she beat me, just at the end, with a clutch play of “joy” on a triple word score.

that beth. it was second scrabble game in two days. live scrabble i mean. i’m playing online constantly. i am playing right now.

so here are some pictures. they are a little underwhelming because i was more interested in EXPERIENCING than DOCUMENTING:

lizzy and stanley: reunited in a very hot place.

self-portrait with animatronic bald eaglets at the belagio.

at the belagio, unsure of the theme of the exhibit.

at a real live vegas nightclub, hair and makeup by stanley.

mansion cabin on the edge of zion.

just part of the “wild” buffalo herd stationed outside the cabin.

stanley and her mom and the blue blue sky.

self-portrait with rock at zion.

pete in the money las vegas shirt i got him at walgreens.