dry drowing

i went surfing this morning in pacifica. i love surfing right now. i could marry surfing right now. i’m really bad at it. like really really bad at it. but still: true love.

the other night pete and i went to a burlesque show at this place called el rio. it’s a bar. the show was a little ghetto but okay. worth $4. i don’t have much besides that to say about that. surfing makes me tired. like one hour and i am on the couch for the rest of the day.

i taught my first swimming classes in like ages yesterday. it was interesting. i don’t have anything reasonable to say. it takes awhile to get used to working long hours again. i think i have situational brain damage or something. do you know anyone awesome who wants to read at funny/sexy/sad next month? send them my way. i need a wetsuit picture. also: a nap.