johnny utah

this morning i woke up early to go be a student in pete’s surf class. mock student sort of, they don’t have enough real students. (if you want to take surf lessons i know just the place.) it was pretty sweet. there was another girl who hadn’t surfed as much as me but was better so i sort of tried harder which worked out for me. i am super lazy and bad at challenging myself. this is something i want to fix. in the morning though i tried extra hard and stood up a few times and one time for an extra long time. i whined a lot about rocks but it was pretty great. in the afternoon we went to ocean beach and surfed some more. well, pete surfed and i wussed out and kept getting towed halfway down the beach by waves i couldn’t harness. it was like 90 degrees and the beach was a freaking mob scene. this woman with an accent even came up to me and asked,”do they have parasailing here?” as if ocean beach is in mexico instead of the cold edge of california. here are some pictures:

now i am going to drink beer on the street and tomorrow we are going to surf more in santa cruz. we are spending the night. it’s going to be amazing.